“A Star for Every Word Unspoken”Clarkesworld, May

“Volcanic Glass”(+) – DECODED Pride by QueerSpec (anthology), June

“A Shiver on the Web”The Overcast, July

“An Abbreviated List of Grievances Filed During the 2022 Annual Roswell vs. Area 51 Interinstitutional Paintball Tournament”(+) – Andromeda Spaceways Magazine, July


“Sunbringer”(+) – Fireweed: Stories from the Revolution by Lonely Cryptid Media (anthology), September


“A Handful of Stardust”(+) – Pioneers & Pathfinders by JayHenge (anthology), August

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“Float”(+) – Interzone, May

“Vianku’s First Flight”(+) – Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove by Atthis Arts (anthology), May

“Fire, Steel, and Flaming Pearls”(+) – Hidden Histories by Third Flatiron (anthology), April

“The Weaver Retires”PodCastle (Artemis Rising 5), March

“Quantum Entanglement”NewMyths.com, March

“Treasure Diving”Clarkesworld, March


“Pale Blue Dot”Anathema: Spec from the Margins, December

“Combustion”Metaphorosis, September

“White Noise”Anathema: Spec from the Margins, April

“Pickpockets”Kasma, January

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