Out Now: “The Weaver Retires”

It’s here.

Tattoos have always been something of a fascination for me. In my line of work, I come across a lot of people with them, and I have a couple myself. So when I happened to come across a YouTube video about Fang-Od, an elderly Filipino woman who is one of the last practitioners in the world of a traditional form of tattooing, it was only natural that I would decide to write a story about a woman who weaves stories of her own via magical tattoos.

It’s rather funny because, around this time last year, I was listening to PodCastle in my car and thought to myself, “How nice would it be to get into this Artemis Rising thing?” A year later, I hope you enjoy “The Weaver Retires”, available now as the final story rounding out PodCastle‘s Artemis Rising 5 event. This, I suppose, is what “dream comes true” feels like.

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