Out Now: “Dead Legends” – and a Best Of anthology!

I absolutely love submitting to new magazines. There’s just something exciting about joining someone else in the start of a new adventure. So I’m proud to announce one of my stories, “Dead Legends”, appears in the second issue of The Weird and Whatnot, now available from Amazon here! If you like superheroes, dystopias, and jungle fires, head on over and take a look.

In addition–and I’m quite late with this, but such is life!–my magical realism short story, “Combustion”, which was published in Metaphorosis last year, was selected to appear in the Best Vegan Science Fiction and Fantasy 2018 anthology, edited by B. Morris Allen! This is the first ‘Best Of’ anthology I’ve ever appeared in, and I certainly hope there will be more in the future.

To this day, “Combustion” remains one of my favorite stories in terms of social commentary, and I will always be proud of its opening line: “Jaxon has just finished doodling Captain Fiero’s victory pose when the math teacher explodes.” If it piques your interest, head on over to Amazon here and have a look!

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